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 SHR~ Firehouselabs Tanker Truck~ JH “Moose”
Moose was bred to “Siren” and “Beta” as well as to two other outside females.

Siren SHR~ Firehouselabs Bells and Sirens “Siren”
Siren produced 3 litters for us with Moose, Al, and with an outside stud dog- HRCH Mann’s Best Friend Pepto MH “Pep”.

AL SHR~ Al’s Winging It In Paradise “Al”
Al was my favorite stud dog, even though we only bred him once with Siren. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to have him collected for future frozen semen use.

BETA Beta Negro O’Sullivan Stewart “Beta”
We were given Beta when she was 2 yrs old due to her being “too much dog” for her previous owner. She produced a litter by Moose, as well as two litter by Dollar which produced SHR~Firehouselabs Fireboat H2O Canon “Jet”, a litter by GRHRCH Riverwalk’s Gunner Boy MH which produced Firehouselabs Playing With Fire “Matches” who was sold as a started dog; and a litter by 4xGMPR The CAPT’S Sierra Shadow Ale QAA MH which produced Firehouselabs Water Hammer “Hammie” (1 Started HRC Pass) and Firehouselabs Res-Q Divers S.C.B.A “Scooby” (3 HRC Started Passes) who served as a bomb detection dog in Afghanistan at an embassy and is now retired stateside with his handler.

Fish HR~ Firehouselabs Whitewater Res-Q “Fish”
Fish was bought to run in field trials, however she didn’t quite have what it takes to make a high level field trial dog. She did earn her HRC Seasoned Hunt Retriever title before being sold as a gun dog.

OKEY Firehouselabs Annie Annie U OK “Okey”
Okey earned 3 HRC Started Retriever passes but we were never able to get the fourth needed for her title due to an unfortunate heat cycle that occurred every spring and fall when we were in the hunt test season! She was sold at the age of 2 for search and rescue work. Okey is a niece to Siren, her sire “Brick” was a litter mate and bought at the same time as Siren. We bought Okey from a breeder that used Brick as stud after we had sold him.

brick Firehouselabs Brick Firehouse “Brick”
Brick was run in and passed 2 HRC Started Hunt tests. Brick was bred to an outside female before being traded to another breeder for “Fergie”. Brick is a littermate to Siren and is the sire of Okey.

smoke Firehouselabs Smoke and Rubble SH “Smoke”
In addition to her AKC Senior Hunt title, Smoke earned 30 HRC points with 2 Started passes and 2 Seasoned passes. Smoke was sold before ever being bred and lives in New Jersey were she is used to upland hunt and rule the roost in the house.

Double D’s Flashy Fergie “Fergie” (photo to come)
Fergie was our son’s favorite even though we had her for only a year. So much so, that when Fergie passed away after a C-Section which produced 12 pups with Moose, Gage decided that he had to have another dog named after her. He still misses her to this day.

DOLLAR Firehouselabs Money To Burn “Dollar”
Dollar was purchased as a potential field trial dog. He however, had other ideas. We went ahead and bred him despite this due to his incredible pedigree, health clearances, and from the obvious talent of his litter mates. He was bred to Beta twice and to Twister once. All three breedings produced wonderfully talented and great looking puppies. He was sold to another breeder to produce bed bug, diabetic, and search/rescue dogs.

Molly SHR~Firehouses Brit Bucket Brigade “Molly”
Molly is a British field trial bred Labrador. Her sire-FTCH Craighorn Bracken-won the UK Championship twice, in 1997 and in 2001. This is the equivalent of winning the US version and title of National Field Trial Champion. Molly had just one litter for us, and failed to conceive in an attempted frozen semen after that. Due to her age at that time, she was spayed. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep a puppy from her first and only litter and I am still kicking myself for that! Two of her pups, Fenloch Ffynongain Stout “Finn” (3 HRC Started Passes) and Fenloch Downtown Abbey “Abbey” were sold as started dogs. The other two in the litter were given to the stud owner as payment for the stud fee and in exchange for a Working Cocker Spaniel (Ninja).

Gator Pts Remember Nine Eleven “Tears” (photo to come)
Tears was another potential field trial dog that we purchased as a pup. She was doing great with her training and she certainly had the desire! Unfortunately, at the age of 2 yrs, when we had her hips x-rayed for her OFA’s, she was found to have a moderately defective hip. She was immediately spayed and was placed in the home of our trainer’s daughter.

Firehouselabs Ambulatory Vehicle “Bus” (photo to come)
Bus was our warranty replacement pup from Gator Point kennels once we discovered that Tears had non-passing hips. She was from a totally different breeding and was maturing too slow (and big!) to make a field trial dog. At the time, we also had 2 other pups, one from the Beta x Gunner litter “Matches” and we had just bought “Twister”. Three pups in training was just too much and since Bus was going to take a lot more time, we sold her to a bomb detection company.

TREK Fenloch Black Treacle By Prairierose “Trek”
Trek was purchased from Prairierose Kennels in MN. We intended to train and compete in English Cocker field trials and both AKC and UKC hunt tests and eventually breeding her. Trek however started to display attributes that I didn’t like nor want in a breeding dog, namely her very large size and hunting style that to me, was more Springer like, not like your typical Working Cocker Spaniel. We sold her to a great hunting home, ironically, back in MN!

"Cosmic" Firehouselabs Super Nova “Cosmic”
Coz was my keeper pup from the first breeding of SHR~ Firehouselabs Vortex of Fire “Twister” and HRCH~ Dakota’s Dogie Bull MH “Bull” in 2014.  Coz and all of her litter mates were exceptional puppies and showed tons of early talent. One cloudy day in January of 2015, Coz fell through the only thin spot in an entirely iced in river. Even though the water was only 2 ft deep, her inexperience coupled with the swift current carried her under and she drowned. We were never able to recover her body. Due to the loss as well as the high demand of others wanting a puppy with this calibre of breeding/pedigree, we plan(ed) a repeat for the winter of 2017 of which we plan on keeping a female pup for ourselves.