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Beta x Dollar 9-11 page 3 *11/03/11

10-23-11~ We had a bit of a breeze today, but that didn’t stop the pups from braving the muck, mud, and cold water! Here are the photos as promised, we will be chasing pigeons Monday and Tuesday, as well as going down to the pond again as the weather is supposed to hold for a few more days.  The staged photos can be goofy, there were many out takes!! The pond pictures were taken with the help of “Molly” who is great with teaching youngsters about water and frogging!


* Dark Yellow female~ “Hallie”  Pink collar This pup is as bold as ever, went into the water right away without much encouragement from Molly or the other pups.  She also had the hardest time with staying put for the posed photos, which is why although she had three times as many pictures taken, she had the least number to choose from.



* Black female “Pyr” ~ green collar Pyr continues to impress me with her inquisitive nature and middle of the road temperament.  She is not too rambunctious nor is she really laid back.  She reminds me a lot of Jet, her full brother from the last litter.  Great working attitude with an off switch.



* Fox red female ~ “Coy” White collar This female loves to explore, is not afraid of new things or obstacles, and likes to do things in her own way/time.  She made her trip into the water unassisted and actually made it a real swim, not just belly deep.  She made 3 of these trips as well as a lot of bank running and digging in the mud.  Loved running through the grass playing hide and seek with her siblings.  Had no fear of leaving the group to explore on her own as well. Having her picture taken is not “her thing”, she tends to look away or out of the corner of her eye, making her seem timid, which she is definitely not!


* Black female ~ “Tiny” Blue collar This pup was named by my son, they are quite the pair.  She loves chasing him around and will not quit trying to get in his face to lick him.  She has that same attitude toward every thing and the other pups know that if she takes off running that they should follow because she is always up to something.  Tons of go, no fear, loves being with people, in a smaller package, this pup would do great upland hunting, water fowl hunting from a boat blind, or even agility work. She loved the water and took a rather long swim, first one in, and went back multiple times even though she has a thinner coat then her siblings.  She loved drying off by rolling in the tall grass, and found that the grassy covered bank makes a great slide.  Not real thrilled with the indoor photos though, so she may look camera shy.



*Dark Yellow male ~ “Deke” Orange collar This boy wasn’t so sure about getting much more than his belly wet, but he really loved romping through the tall weeds and willow trees.  He would run about 100 ft down the pond on either side from where we were, not afraid of leaving the group.  Of course once the others saw how much fun he was having, they joined him.  He showed his displeasure of the posed photos by getting out of the box and peeing on my bed, which I was using for a “stage”.




* Fox Red male~ “Digs”   Yellow collar

Digs is still the energetic, into everything, happy go lucky pup.  He plays, explores, climbs, and runs at full speed.  Although he didn’t get fully into the water, he was very interested in the frogs, minnows, and mud bugs, chasing them up and down the shore line.  He is also quite a ham and loves attention.  Not a shy bone in his body, this pup is rather full of himself and he will be a great hunt test competitor or hunting companion.



*Medium Yellow Male~ “Sonny” White collar

Sonny is a curious pup that loves to explore, loves running through the tall grass, and climbing over stuff.  He does still tend to want to be close to either the other pups, or better yet, people or an adult dog.  He is still unsure of himself when away from others, usually more than 100ft or so.  When he realizes that he isn’t lost, he comes running full bore with a huge grin on his face.  He really is a happy pup, he would really do best in a home that hunts or even competes, just one where he can really be a part of a family unit.  He will not make a good “kennel” dog, as he needs to interact with others.


11-03-2011~ Last update on the pups that are leaving on Saturday.  The pups have received their last worming while here.  They are all fat and sassy and have good appetites.  Their personalities have not changed much, but once they get into their new homes, especially those that have other pets or children, they will continue to adapt and change with their new surroundings.  Here are some candid shots of the pups basking in the warm weather that we had yesterday.  Today the temps have dropped by 40 degrees with rain, so no outdoor activities are planned until possibly Friday when I take them for their last romp in the pasture.  We did toss around some frozen quail for the pups, then had to chase them down to get them back since the pups did not want to give up their new “toy”.

*Fox red female, white collar~  AVAILABLE

*Medium Yellow male, white collar~ AVAILABLE

*Black female, blue collar~AVAILABLE

*Fox red male, yellow collar~AVAILABLE

*Dark yellow male, orange collar ~went home to the Krogman family

*Yellow female, pink collar~went home to start her SAR career