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Beta x Dollar 9-11 litter Page 2

10/02/2011~ The pups have become little “mini” labs.  They are trying to run, play fight and wrestle, chewing on each other and toys, and climbing out of the pool.  We have trimmed nails, wormed for the first time, and they have made their first trip outside to enjoy the sunshine and mild weather for a couple of hours while their “den” was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  Some of the pups have started working on growling, howling, and barking….not sure if this is a good milestone!  Teeth are starting to come through the gums and Beta is less then thrilled.  The pups are having to get by with longer but more infrequent feedings, not on demand anymore.   They will be getting introduced to some quail that I brought home from an upland training day (had a great time!) and put in the freezer.  I will be getting some photos of that later this week.  For now, here are some candid shots.

10-08-2011~ The pups are starting to develop personalities and are getting bolder and more adventurous by the day.  They are eating softened dog food and drinking water in addition to nursing.   They spend the better part of the day outside in a large pen with 1/2 covered and protected from the wind with a dog house as well.  There are logs and cinder blocks in the pen that they are having fun chasing each other around, over, and through.  Today we had a marathon photo session, mainly due to only one or two being awake at any given time…..we took 1145 photos!!! I tried to make sure that each pup got their own photo time as well as getting group shots, awake shots, and sleeping shots.  Too many came out too cute, but below are the “best of the best”.  I am including personality traits as I see them this time as well, they will be added to and updated as needed.

*Fox red male~ Yellow collar* Very “social” pup, loves to chew and climb on people (when sitting on the ground)  and loves attention.  He also loves to wrestle with his siblings and does not seem to be afraid of new things and places.  Out going personality, not timid, lots of “go” !

*Dark Yellow male~ White collar*  This is the most laid back, you might even say laziest, pup of the bunch.  He is also the biggest and heaviest.   He was interested in the frozen quail, but mainly due to just loving to eat!  He is not a bully nor does he want to strike out on his own.  He prefers staying with the group for the most part, and can get a bit vocal with howling for help when he feels insecure.  This usually gets better with age and maturity. Loves people, especially chewing on them.

*Medium Yellow male~ Orange collar* This boy is the second largest pup in the litter.  He is more outgoing then his big brother and seems to be a bit more playful as well.  He doesn’t mind exploring on his own and loved the frozen quail.  Climbing and crawling over obstacles is a favorite past time unless food is around.  He uses his nose when wandering about which should increase even more as he gets older.  Loves people and belly rubs.

*Dark Yellow Female~ Pink Collar*  This girl is very outgoing, people oriented, and loves to explore.  She loves attention, seems to like having her picture taken when she is not trying to eat the camera, and she loves climbing over and onto people.  She doesn’t seem to mind leaving her siblings to explore, and is mouthing a lot of sticks and leaves.  Loves to play and run around and wrestle, likes feathers!

*Fox Red female~ White Collar*  This girl seems to be more cautious at first, but it doesn’t take her long to make up her mind to explore, love on people, and try new things.   She loves to rough house with the fox red male, they are matched evenly in size.  She is also eager to try out her new teeth on shoes and pant legs.  She seemed too interested in the camera as well, she kept getting right up into the lens whenever I tried getting close ups of her. She seemed to like the quail.

*Black female~ Blue Collar (missing in these photos)*  This pup is the smallest of the bunch, but don’t let her size fool you, she is full of herself and loves people, exploring, and quail!  She pushes her bigger siblings around to get to the best food, water, and spot on your lap.  If she can’t go through something, she is smart enough to try going over, around, or under. Plus she is super cute!

*Firehouselabs Pyr* My pick of the litter is this black female.

10-20-11~ The pups are eating very well, we are still soaking their food but will be going to dry on Monday.  They were wormed again today, will do this again one more time right before they go to their new homes.  They really come a running for attention and food when called, and they love playing follow the leader for short adventure hikes.  They have been spending more and more time outside in the sun and fresh air…we had to add a few bales of straw to their dog house and two for wind breaks, since the wind is rather brisk and we have had highs only in the low 50’s.  They loved helping spread the straw around and have been attempting to climb and jump up on the wind break bales, with no success so far due only to their stature, certainly not due to lack of determination!  It is supposed to be getting a little warmer in a couple of days, into the mid 70’s, and with our pond losing water to evaporation, I will be leading them down to the pond for some walk in water.  I do not expect for them to get more then their bellies wet, the water and air temps are too cold for that since they only have their puppy coats which really soak up the water.  I will also be doing a posed photo session with them on Saturday so I will be posting some new pictures soon.  All of the pups are pretty evenly matched as far as wanting feathers, loving human interaction, and prey drive.  The white collar male is still the laziest, he tends to be very content to take lots of naps, preferably in someones lap, although he is a very birdy pup.  He would do well in a “weekend warrior” type of hunting family home with young kids.  Of the females, the white collared fox red female seems to be rather suspicious of new things and even of people, she is a thinker and once she figures out the “best” way to do something, she goes at it full gusto, whether it is chewing on your fingers and shoes, or chasing the pigeons by circling around the pen at top speed.  Very intuitive pup, you can almost see the wheels turning in her mind/eyes.  She will do well in a firm, fair, consistent based training program and will be an asset to any hunter or competitor.  The rest of the bunch, like I said, are all evenly matched.  Lots of zest for life, love attention, love to chase, and just all around happy pups.  Look for updates on photos on Sunday evening, 10/23/11.