BETA X DOLLAR 9-11 LITTER updated 11/03/11


The first pup to make its way into the world was actually born on 9-10-11 (daughter’s 21st birthday) at 11:52pm.  It is a dark yellow female.

9-11-11  12:28am   dark yellow male

12:57am fox red female

1:13am black female

2:10am black female

4:18am Fox red male

4:43am dark yellow male

ALL DONE!!! Time for some shut eye! Here’s a couple of pictures to tide you over!

9/14/2011~ The pups have really put on some weight, a couple of the boys are really “healthy” 🙂 I just saw one of the really big pups eat so much that he threw up, then promptly went back to eating! This particular pup is always the first one in and the last one out at the ol’ milk bar cafe.  The yellow pups are starting to get their pigment on their foot pads, noses, and lips.  Looks like two of the boys might end up with chocolate noses (dudleys) but it is too early to tell just yet.   The pups have an appointment on Friday for their first vet check and to have their dewclaws removed.  Once they are a week old, we will start posting up individual photos, as well as the group shots.  Top three photos taken with the flash on, bottom three are without.

9/18/11~ Pups had their vet check and dew claw removal done on Friday, without too much fuss.  Hearts, lungs, and physical passed with flying colors.   They are still mainly just sleeping and eating, with an emphasis on eating!  They are all very fat and sassy, even though they always act like they are starving.  It’s a good thing that they are not supposed to be walking yet, their big bellies would be dragging on the ground.  Here are some updated pictures, including individual picts.








9/27/2011~ The pups all have their eyes open, are walking, trying out their “big dog” barks, and of course growing.  They are also already getting curious as to the world outside of the pool that has been their home for the last couple of weeks.  It won’t be much longer and they will be trying to escape, which means that I will be putting together a bigger pen including a potty box for them to start housebreaking.  The pictures below really do not do them justice, I was messing with the settings on the camera trying to get it to work without blinding them with the flash at close range and failed miserably!

*Fox red male ~ yellow collar*

*dark yellow male~ White collar*

*medium yellow male~ Orange collar*

*dark yellow female~ Pink collar*

*fox red female~ White collar*

*black female~ Blue collar*

*Pyr~ no collar*