AKC # SN10306403
UKC # R121-352
Weight 90+
DOB  8/27/1993
OFA hips- LR-72010G33M-T  “Good”
OFA elbows- LR-EL3504M33-T  “Normal”
CNM- LR-CNM147/196M-PI-CAR  “Carrier”
EIC- tested via semen  “Clear”
CERF- test “Normal” , but not sent to CERF
Genotype: Homogenous Black. Does not carry any other color.

Bull was owned by the late “Uncle” Bill Spitzer, a man credited for helping found many HRC clubs as well as influencing a number of people to join HRC.  Bull had an amazing running/passing streak in AKC running only at the MH level, as well as amassing a total of 930 pts with HRC hunt tests before he succumbed to cancer at the age of 10yrs. Bull was a cherished pet as well as a phenomenal hunting dog, his favorite bird of choice were geese, which for a large 90+lb dog were never a problem no matter the terrain. He also retrieved pheasants from KS, NE, and SD, and a plethora of ducks each year during hunting season.  Bull was known to watch the skies for birds, and when they drew near, he would try to hide his large frame in the blind so as to not flair the incoming birds. He was an excellent marking dog, but he really excelled with running, and often lining blinds during competition. A good friend of Bill’s that often ran the same hunt test circuit said that the judges would deliberately try to set up the tests with Bull and his dog Roux in mind, trying to trick them and make them have to handle or possibly fail because their track record with consecrative passes was well known. At one such test the judges told Bill that he would HAVE to handle on this particular blind due to its placement. Bill purportedly leaned down and told Bull that the blind was placed just under the small piece of ribbon attached to yonder tree, and that he would find his bird right there. Bill gave Bull the “Back” command and like an arrow, Bull lined yet again another difficult blind and passed once again.  While those types of stories about these tests prove the caliber of the type of dog that Bull was, I have to feel sorry for the other dogs that were also running and held to that standard. I am sure that many of the other handlers wished that Bull and Roux were not present at those tests! With the highest caliber of Field Trial breeding behind Bull, it was to be expected. Bull is one of a very few sons of NFC NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker left available for breeding, even with the advancement of frozen semen breeding. Paired with the proven producer of FT champions in his dam, FC AFC Echo’s Triple Ruff N Ready, he has a pedigree that is hard to match with it’s older bloodlines. This also makes for an easy cross back to any existing lines today, as it would be considered a line breeding to the past generations without having all of the currently popular dogs in this pedigree.