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Since we realize that sometimes bad things happen to good people, we have an open door policy as far as returning a dog to us for re-homing.  We have had  two dogs returned to us in the past ten+ years, both of which were through no fault of the dog nor the families involved, and we found great homes for both dogs rather quickly. Please note that we do not buy back our dogs. We also do not take back dogs with the intent of reselling them for a profit. We would rather a dog and their family were happy vs profiting from someone else’s misfortune.

If the unforeseen happens to you where you feel that you can no longer keep your dog, we want you to feel comfortable in calling us and letting us help you find your dog a new family to call it’s own.  You can either keep the dog until a new home is found with our help, or you can return it to us.  Just remember to return ALL of the dog’s paperwork as well, both AKC and UKC registration papers, all vet work done, any health clearance certificates, and copies of any titles that the dog may have earned (you can keep the original title certificates), as well as a list of any quirks that the dog may have.

If you have found your dog a new home, please remember to give us the new owners contact information: name, address, phone, and e-mail so that we can keep in contact with the dog. Please make sure that the new family knows that I will be contacting them in regards to the dog and that they can contact me any time as well with any questions that they may have about the dog.  Please make sure that you screen the new owners to ensure that the dog is going to a good home.

We never want to see a listing on  Craigslist, in the local newspaper, or to find one of our pups in a shelter or rescue.  With our re-homing policy we hope to avoid this from ever happening.


While we do everything in our power to ensure that the pups we produce are healthy, some disorders and problems tend to not develop until the pup is older so they cannot be tested before leaving our kennel. This is one of the reasons that ALL of our pups are registered with AKC on a Limited basis until they have passed all of their health clearances at the age of two years.

We try to minimize the possibility of genetic problems by testing the parents, but in regard to hip and elbow dysplasia, many times “normal” parents can still produce offspring that have the problem once they are older.  Many eye diseases do not present themselves until the dog is considerably older and for some it is injury, age, or other component related.   As such we cannot “guarantee” that the pup will not some day get arthritis or experience some form of vision loss.  The only warranty we offer is in regard to the DNA genetic tests that are done on all of our breeding stock. We also try to find compatible stud dogs with the same clearances as well, although some breedings done by frozen semen are from imported stud dogs or deceased dogs that may not have all of the current testing that our females have. We have done extensive research into the pedigrees to lessen the chance of any health issues when using these dogs as stud.
**Please note that while we take every precaution involved with DNA testing, there is still a chance of “human error” and/or diagnostic calibration error, which can occur at the testing lab. The only remedy offered by the testing lab when this occurs is a refund of the cost of the test unfortunately. We highly recommend NOT relying on “Clear by Parentage” status on any dog intended for breeding, especially in the case breeding a carrier to a Clear by Parentage.

We do guarantee that we will not produce any pups Affected with either EIC or CNM, as well as  PRA-cd and OSD/RD for our Labrador litters, and PRA-cd, FN, AMS, and PFK for our Working English Cockers. Covered genetic tests will be listed with each litter. None of our Labradors will ever produce dilutes or dilute factored pups!!!!

No other warranties or guarantees for any other condition are either implied or stated. This includes hunting or reproductive ability.  We cannot guarantee that any pup produced by us will be useful as a breeding animal or hunting companion/hunt test competitor.  While we strive for intelligence, health, and proper structure, too many variables in regards to nutrition, environment, training, socialization, and treatment by the new owners of the pup once it leaves our hands make it impossible for us to either guarantee or warranty either one.

Coccidia, Giardia, diarrhea from stress and water/food changes, or shipping can occur, as can ticks or fleas, and various parasitic worms. Any illness occurring 5 days or more after pup leaves our premises are considered to have been the result of exposure to the disease off premises with a stress induced compromised immune system. Be aware that travel, leaving litter mates and mother, as well as any food AND water changes can leave your puppy vulnerable and an easy target for viral and bacterial disease. Before leaving all pups will be given a probiotic to help with intestinal upset due to the stress of leaving.

***Minor “flaws” such as but not limited to:  Inverted vulva, missing toenail, slight over/under jet jaw, punctate cataracts or other limited eye issues found during eye exam, small umbilical hernias, retained testicle(s), etc….If any of these should occur with a pup that we have for sale, we will note the condition, health considerations, and possible corrections on the bill of sale. If considered genetic in nature by our veterinarians, this pup will stay on Limited registration. No exceptions.