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2020-2021 Planned Litters:
Before contacting us, please read the Firehouse Litters page

Winter 2020/2021 Breedings

Fenloch Arisaid “Fergie”  x  OFTW Maesydderwen Sinder “Alfie”

Litter pedigree:


Taking 1 more $500 deposit on females, 3 more on males
Price of pups is $1800.00

This litter will be PRA-cd, FN and AMS Clear by parentage. Both sire and dam are OFA/BVA tested. Sire has hips rated as BVA 9/6 on hips, 0/0 elbows, eyes Normal. Shy is hip and elbow OFA’d XXX and Normal, eyes Normal. 
For more information on Sire and Dam go to their own pages by clicking on their names under their photos above:

Pups are whelped and raised in my home with other dogs and children.  They are handled daily and exposed to loud and sudden noises from birth, exposed to various surfaces, terrain, water, gun fire, birds, retrieving, riding in crates, beginning housebreaking.  Starting at 4 wks of age, they will spend a few hours out of doors each day-depending on the weather and will start the housebreaking process by learning to use a doggie door. During this time they will be exposed to different terrain during exploring walks. We will do some fun retrieves with paint rollers, bird wings, and dead quail and doves. If possible, we will also expose the pups to live pigeons.

Pups will be fed a high quality dog food with a minimum of 30% protein to 20%+ fat.  They will start on dry food starting at 4 wks.  Pups will not be fully weaned from dam until 6 wks of age unless she just won’t tolerate them (they have sharp teeth!).  Pups will be vaccinated with a 5-way vaccine at 7 1/2 wks of age.  They will receive their microchip before their ACVO exam. We worm at least 2 times, even though I have never had a single pup in any litter ever have worms, mainly due to our worming protocol with our adult dogs. I will only be taking deposits on a limited number of pups and I can take names only for those wanting on wait list in case the litter is large.
Pups will be sold with the following:
*AKC Limited registration. Registration will be changed to Full once the pup has been health tested and passes OFA hips, elbows, knees (Patellas) as well as a current OFA eye exam (CAER). Once passing results are posted on the OFA website, the paperwork and fee will be sent to AKC to change the papers on the dog.  The dog MUST be with the original owner and never been bred. Dogs that fail any of the OFA health screening tests will not be changed to Full registration nor will any dogs with any other genetic or congenital defect.
*The pups will come “pre-registered” as individuals, not just as a litter. As such, they will be named by the breeder with the kennel prefix of Fenloch. All fees associated with registration will be paid for by the breeder and sent in electronically on the day of pickup, in the new owner’s name. If the new owner has a kennel prefix of their own, it will be added to the dog’s name at the end, as in: “At XXXX”. An example would be a pup from a previous litter: Fenloch Meadow Lark at Oahe. AKC will email a copy of the registration to the new owner within 24 hours, followed by a hard copy via regular mail. 
*Pups will be micro chipped at 6 wks of age and the chips will be registered with AKC ReUnite in the new owner’s name at date of pickup. As the buyer of the chips, my information will also be used as a back-up in the case of a lost dog and no contact of new owner. The cost of the chip and registration is paid for by the breeder.
* Pups will be taken to Omaha between the ages of 6 1/2 wks to 8wks of age for an eye exam by an ACVO certified vet. The results of the tests will be sent to OFA once all of the pups have been picked up. The fees for the exam, the certification, and OFA fees will be paid for by the breeder. 

Ground Delivery ONLY-  There are a number of reputable shippers- some of them even cheaper than flying. I just recommend doing your research first to make sure that they are licensed and insured and ask for references.  If shipping- pup must be paid in full one week prior to shipping.  All paperwork must be done prior to shipping, including naming of pup on AKC, UKC (if applicable), and Micro Chip registration. You will be responsible for all shipping costs and arranging the shipping with the transport company.

New Owner can fly in/out with puppy as carry on! Nearest large airport is Omaha or Lincoln, smaller (closer) ones in Kearney or Grand Island. I can pick you up at Grand Island Airport and bring you here to pick up your puppy with at least 3 wks prior notice. New owner will need to make all of the necessary flight arrangements, including notifying breeder of arrangements so that I can get the necessary health certificate paperwork for the flight~ this is an extra $40 charge. Please bring your own crate or soft sided carry on pet carriers.