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We appreciate your interest in our Labrador retriever and field bred English Cocker Spaniel (WCS) puppies.  Our goal is to produce healthy, happy family companions for the serious hunter and Hunt test/ Field Trial competitor. We also feel our pups are great candidates for obedience, agility, and Search and Rescue.  We only breed quality dogs that we personally compete, hunt, and that we absolutely adore as partners in our home. When the dogs aren’t at work you can find them curled around our feet watching television or relaxing on their dog bed with their toys, however first and foremost, they are all working dogs. 

Our Purpose:

We have purposely kept our program small, so each dog gets one-on-one training and attention daily as members of a family unit. We feel that dogs raised in the home are happier and easier train, and they are healthier, both physically and mentally. We’ve worked hard to produce durable dogs that are smart, willing, able, and bird crazy.  We spend a lot of time researching, visiting, and watching the males we choose to cross with our girls.  When you see the puppies it will be apparent that plenty of time, thought, and consideration have been put into the breeding, birth, care, and beginning socialization.  It is our goal to have a limited number of high quality puppies that we would be proud to own and further our own lines, as well as providing wonderful companions to others.

We are serious about the puppies we raise and the homes they are placed in.  We are looking for the atmosphere where the pup can flourish as a member of the family, doing what the breed is bred for.  If training and competition is something you are interested in, our pups have the background and pedigrees to get the job done. As such, we don’t sell our pups on a first come, first served basis. We choose the right pup for the right purpose. If we don’t feel that our pups fit your needs, we will help you find a breeder that does.

All of our puppies are raised in our home and underfoot.  They visit our vet within 3-4 days of being born for their first checkup and dew claw removal and depending on the breed, tail docking.  From their birth they are cared for non-stop until the day they leave.  We start socialization, noise acclimation and grooming very early.  When the puppies are old enough they are introduced to our older dogs in a large open field so they can explore and play. We take them on day trips to different training areas to experience riding in crates, different terrain and cover, as well as different types of water, from small creeks to large bodies of open water. At 5-7 weeks the litter is put on live birds as a group and individually. We believe the more experiences our puppies are exposed to the better adapted they are to unfamiliar objects and places which is essential for the building of a great competitor and companion.

Reserving a puppy:

To secure your puppy, please contact us via email with a detailed list of what you consider to be your ideal dog as well as what you will be using the pup for: hunting, competitive dog sports, search and rescue or detective nose work, plantation guide, etc… When filling out your reservation form, be specific as to your goals and expectations for your pup. Include past training experiences and whether you are looking for a dog with plenty of go power and one that will be working a majority of the year, or one that is lower key and only a weekend warrior with an emphasis on family companion 90% of the time.  We consider this a road map to your puppy’s future and want to make sure that you and your new family member are a good fit. Are you be using a professional trainer or are you planning on training your pup yourself? We will go over your request and will contact you with additional questions by phone and/or email. If we find that you are a good fit for one of our pups we will then put you on a waiting list if we don’t have pups available or ask for a deposit if we have an upcoming litter.
We require a $300-500 non-refundable deposit on all of litters. This can be made with a personal check- it will be deposited into our account! Any checks returned for non-sufficant funds will be returned and you will lose you chance to purchase one of our pups. With your deposit you show you are serious about owning a Labrador or English Cocker puppy from us, and locks down your spot in the picking order. Please note that we only reserve pups by sex, not by specific color! The chances that a puppy request for the “correct” sex AND color, especially with our cockers, plus having all of the other attributes that actually matter in regards to temperament, projected ability, etc…are very slim. We will never place a puppy in a home where the owners only consideration is the color of its coat. The only refunds are if we do not produce the number of pups of the correct sex. If this occurs, you will be given the option for immediate refund, roll over to the opposite sex, or roll over to another/future litter. Please don’t expect a refund due to changing your mind or any other reason. If at any time, including day of pick up, we feel that previous statements made by you were false or mis-leading in any nature, we reserve the right and obligation to refuse the sale. Your deposit will be forfeit!

Your balance will be due on or before pickup day and is payable with cash.  We do NOT offer payment plans. If you arrive on pick up day without the necessary funds, you will be directed to the nearest ATM/bank. You will be notified in advance of pickup day, which is always the Saturday AFTER the pups turn 8wks of age. It is Nebraska State Law that prohibits ANY sale of puppies under the age of 8wks. Some airlines are also now requiring that any puppies that fly must be 10 wks of age. Pick up day is set in stone for each litter, as raising each litter ties me to my home, including during the holidays. Please be considerate when you schedule an appointment time.  If you are unable to pick up your puppy on the scheduled day, we do offer daily boarding of $10 per day, with a maximum of 10 extra days on an occasional and pre-arranged basis.  We do feel it is in your puppy’s best interest to get into your family environment as soon as possible, as there are stages in a pups’ mental and physical growth that need to be stimulated for proper socialization and the temperament of the puppy. Any puppy left more than 10 days past pick up date will automatically be put back up for sale and you will have forfeited your deposit.

Shipping: GROUND ONLY! 

If you cannot come in person to pick up your new pup, we do offer shipping and highly recommend Kati Becker with Contract her directly for costs and setting up shipping date. You also have the option of flying in and renting a car to come pick up your pup, and fly back home. However if you want to utilize this method, you will need to buy your own carry on soft sided crate and make all shipping arrangements on your own. You will also need to left me know of your intentions so that a health certificate can be obtained- at your cost- so that you can fly with your pup.  I will no longer be offering to ship pups by air by any other arrangement. Period. 


Our pups’ health is very important to us and we follow a program designed by our vet of many years.  Our pups will have theirFirehouselabs Whitewater Res-Q dew claws removed and they will be de-wormed at week 3, 6 and 8, and receive their first “Puppy Shot” at 7 1/2 weeks of age.  We provide a complete and detailed health record with dates and vaccines/wormers used.  We also micro chip all of the pups that we raise by 6 weeks. We also have our litters’ eyes certified with OFA. To do this we have to travel to Omaha, a 3 1/2 hour one-way trip. This is often stressful for the pups, but we have been very successful with our litters in that they are great travelers and often make the entire trip without much fuss. We prepare them by taking them on shorter “fun” car trips starting at 5 wks of age.

IMG_2623 Registration and Micro chipping:

Our pups come permanently registered with both AKC and if applicable- UKC. This means that your puppy will come pre-named! We do this because previous litters had a poor (less than 20%) rate of permanent registration and this made keeping track of our litters impossible. The name, microchip, and registration numbers are all tied to each individual puppy for life. I personally pre-pay for both and the pups are registered online for AKC and via snail mail with UKC.  Additionally, the pups are micro chipped by 6 weeks of age and I pre pay for the registration of the chip to the new owner with the AKC ReUnite program.  I firmly believe in responsible ownership and this is one way for me to help the new owners and to keep my pups safe.  Your pup will come with Limited registration. The registration will stay with limited registration until you show proof of all the necessary health clearances for your dog, to be done once the dog turns 2 yrs of age. Your dog is fully registered; but no puppies born from this dog can be registered. The purpose to keep pups from being born without health clearances on the parents and underage breeding. It does not prevent you, the owner, from competing in any type of working dog sport. Once proof of health clearances are given and the dog is deemed a good representation for the breed in terms of conformation, temperament, and working ability, we will change the registration of the dog at our expense. Exceptions include: Dog was previously bred, even accidentally; ownership change/dog was sold or given away; owner is found to employ poor breeding practices or ownership. If this applies, the registration will NOT be lifted.

We spare no expense when it comes to the health and well being of our dogs and puppies, which make our breeding program an expensive program to manage.  Between vet visits, a high quality diet, bird costs, training and trialing fees, and uncountable hours of time, we invest all we have into our Labradors and Cockers, and feel it is a labor of love that gives back in the quality of the puppies that we raise for ourselves and others.  Call us, email us or schedule an appointment to come see us. We’d love to hear from you!