Beta x Dollar litter page 4 **4/17/2011

4/17/2011~ The litter has really impressed me as far as uniform desire to retrieve, birdiness, no fear, and general I.Q.   I do have my favorites, but the difference between them and the others is only very slight.  Each of the pups have their own cute little quirks, some more than others! For example:

Ruby, the only female, likes to chase her tail, stand in the food dish, and will dig in the water dish. She also “smiles” when running to you, which either looks really cute, or like a demon attack.

Spark, the blue collared yellow male, loves to pounce on and bulldoze his way through the rest of the litter.  He was also the first one to figure out how to get out of the play area but quit when  I caught him in the act and sprayed him with the hose.

Jet, the green collared black male, has taken up where Spark left off and is a regular escapee.  I haven’t been able to catch him doing it yet and I have to put him back in with the others at least a dozen times a day.

Krypto, the white collared yellow male, is a talker.  He loves to crawl up in your lap and tries to get up on your shoulder to really snuggle.  His other favorite past time is tormenting Ruby.

Jack, the blue collar black male, loves stealing all of the toys and hoard them in the dog crate, keeping the rest of the pups out. Most likely to get stuck somewhere when exploring.

Rango, the orange collared black male, already does the “butt tuck and run”. He also “smiles. He loves his belly rubs.

Rick, the green collared yellow male, sits calmly by your side waiting to be loved on.  He likes to watch TV while in your lap.  He can be kind of vocal and quite demanding.

Here’s some pictures from today retrieving a teal dummy in the yard.