Beta x Dollar Litter page 3 ***4/16/2011

4/09/2011~ We got up at 4:30am this morning to make the 2 1/2 hr trip to Columbia to get the pups’ eyes checked.  Luckily the weather cooperated and was 60 degrees so the pups got to ride in the dog box in the back of the truck. That way I avoided having to listen to their “singing”.  The exam went well and we were back on the road within an hour.  Once we got home, they were hungry, thirsty, and warm, so I filled up the food and water dish, and put up the swimming pool with about 3 in of water.  The pool is a bit hard to get out of , I’ll be putting in a step later…but they all enjoyed splashing around and chasing the plastic bottles around.  They all decided to take a nap and crammed themselves into the crate in some really uncomfortable positions, I know I couldn’t sleep this way!

***pool pictures coming this evening.


4/16/2011~ The pups went for another ride in the dog box, this time for their first vaccination at the Vet’s office in town.  They did really well, didn’t  kick up a fuss and they slept on the way back.  Once they got home they got to run around in the yard for a bit before getting their reward…..a live pigeon! They chased and caught him, and chased him some more for around 20 minutes.  Everyone got a chance to pull some tail feathers before the pigeon was put up for the day.