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Since there is not a genetic test that can pinpoint which dog is going to get dysplasia or ones that carry the genes which they can pass to their offspring, we have to use physical tests in the form of radiographes (x-rays) of the hip and elbow joints to see if the dog HAS the disease.  We know how our breeding pairs have scored but there is no way to test the pups before they go to their new homes.

Due to the nature of the disease even parents with excellent rated hips can have pups that end up with dysplasia.  Some matings seem to produce a large number of dysplastic pups while other lines are free of the disease.

The only way that we can improve our lines by eliminating lines that throw affected pups is by testing ALL the pups once they reach 2 years of age.  In this we need your help, by testing your dog and sending us copies of the report, we can try to eliminate this crippling disease from our future generations which will improve the Labrador breed as a whole.