Since we breed our lines for the ability to find and retrieve downed game, sometimes in adverse weather or cover, we breed for a willingness to train, stamina, and a higher energy level, and of course intelligence.  We prefer that they are placed in what we call “working” homes. We do not sell ANY of our pups as “pets”. Our dogs make wonderful household additions, but only once they are trained, socialized, and given a job to perform that gives them a daily mental and physical workout! 

Working homes by our definition are homes where the dog is first and foremost a retriever.  Our dogs are happiest when they have a daily routine and job to perform with consistent, firm but fair training, and an outlet for all their energy!

Working homes can be with owners who want to pursue titles in Hunt tests, agility, dock dog, flyball, obedience or other AKC, UKC or SRS sanctioned events.  Owners that guide others in waterfowl and upland hunting, or hunters that spend the majority of the hunting season in the field qualify as well.

The average family with active kids however do NOT…. Most families THINK that they want an active dog to go with their hectic lifestyle of busy sports schedules for the kids, but our dogs want to actually BE the athlete, not on the sidelines cheering on the kiddo’s.

Most average families do not realize just how much time and energy is needed to keep a working dog in top mental and physical shape.  An intelligent bored Labrador or Working English Cocker is a destructive, barking, wandering mess!

Working bred dogs stay active well into their “golden” years which should be taken into consideration when choosing a family pet.  Since we are trying to improve on the longevity and health of our lines, this could be up to 15+ years of commitment.

Most dogs found in breed rescues, shelters, and returns to breeders are dogs that were intended as family pets but were never given the training, socialization,  or attention needed so that by the time they reached 18 to 36 months, they became difficult to manage and were “gotten rid of”.  What a terrible thing to say about a pup that was supposed to be a member of your family for life! Not to mention the life lesson that your kids have now learned, that pets are disposable when they are no longer convenient to own.

If you are the parent of an active family looking for a family pet please look into a small sturdy breed dog that was bred for the sole purpose of being a household pet.