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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

We have puppies!


WCS~ Cockers!!! Ninja delivered 7 pups on July 19th.  1 male and 3 females available- all are black, some with white flashes on chest and toes. $1800.00 Available to go home on Sept 15th.
SHR Fenloch Black Widow “Ninja”  via Imported UK semen to
FTCH Broadmeafarm Charlie “Charlie” !!!!

Other breedings include: Jan/Feb. 2019
SHR Firehouselabs Vortex of Fire “Twister” x TBD- Stud dog will either be HRCH Gator PTS Dirt Road Sport or ???

Fenloch Argyll Tweed “Soks” x FTCH Levenghyl Isle of Aaran “Monkey” Pending breeding dependent on Soks passing her OFA’s.
Black (yellow factored) pups. Will be taller “British” dogs, females @60lbs, males 70+lbs.






There are a very limited quantity of breedings available both here in the U.S as well as the U.K on Monkey, as he is retired from breeding. A favorite of his owner Pippa, Monkey was not only highly talented but he also had the best of temperaments that made him the ideal field and home companion. He also threw those attributes in his numerous offspring, many making successful careers campaigning in U.K, and Irish Field Trials, as well as siring a few litters here in the U.S. for a couple of kennels.
Soks is the product of imported parents- FTW Portkelfin Aspire of Astraglen “Max”  ex. FTAW Benraw Bess “Diver” both imported by Southern Oak Kennels/Barton Ramsey. Max can be found on the Pursuit cable channel on “The Grind” and Diver (now called Bess) was retired from breeding and living life with a new family and returning to the field this fall.
Soks has a great personality, very much the “class clown” and she loves to retrieve. It also helps that she is beautiful to look at while she is doing so.
Please call for more information and the price on this breeding.