Hello! Welcome to Firehouselabs!

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Upcoming breedings for Spring 2018
Fenloch Arisaid “Fergie” x Parsonage’s Tee Rex


WCS~Cockers! Fergie’s litter was born 3/31/2018. 4 males available
1 light gold with lots of white on chest, face, neck, toes and 3 blacks with white on chest. See current litter page for more information!


WCS~ Cockers!!! Ninja will be bred early next week- May 21-24.
SHR Fenloch Black Widow “Ninja”  via Imported UK semen to
FTCH Broadmeafarm Charlie “Charlie” !!!!
Expecting black and Liver pups, with varying amounts of white, ticked, or roan

Other 2018 breedings include:
SHR Firehouselabs Vortex of Fire “Twister” x TBD

FOR SALE ~ 1 frozen semen breeding (4 straws) on FTCH Levenghyl Isle of Aaran “Monkey”

Semen is currently stored and continue to be stored at Dr. Kent Law’s reproductive clinic in Abilene, Kansas for just $12 a year storage fee. Full reproductive service office so you can either ship the semen to your own clinic or have the insemination surgery done at Dr. Law’s office. He has a very high 96% success rate and he does most of the racing greyhound industries breedings this side of the Rocky Mountains, including clients in Florida!
There is a very limited quantity of breedings available both here in the U.S as well as the U.K on Monkey, as he is retired from breeding. A favorite of his owner Pippa, Monkey was not only highly talented but he also had the best of temperaments that made him the ideal field and home companion. He also threw those attributes in his numerous offspring, many making successful careers campaigning in U.K, and Irish Field Trials, as well as siring a few litters here in the U.S. for a couple of kennels.
Please call for more information and the price on this breeding.