Hello! Welcome to Firehouselabs!

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12670286_1193567777337294_6896957828241204901_n—Introducing the newest member of the family—

Fenloch Arisaid "Fergie"
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 Help keep our favorite breeds pure and unpolluted by dilution breeders. Labradors do NOT come in “Silver, Charcoal, or Champagne” and do NOT naturally carry the dilution gene necessary to create those colors. They are mixed with other breeds to create these dogs, therefore they are no longer purebred Labradors no matter how they are fraudulently registered with AKC and UKC!
The same pollution by dilution is being done to many other breeds, including english cockers with the dilute and merle, and sable genes- all of which are foreign to the original breed.
For more information and to look up pedigrees for research into the Labrador retriever breed before buying, selling, or breeding to/from- go to:  (click on link)